The mind runs far away not satisfied and not appeased.Devouring kilometers of roads without signage, to be a little closer to the idea of freedom to keep our journey for ever.
A road is never just a way, is the line that separates us from freedom and nature, one could no longer turn our gaze and continue a path where the asphalt ends, the sea and the sky begins and the will do the rest.
I’m sure, just the desire to change in order to achieve, but sometimes the gods jams and the covered stars, don’t mark the line anymore.
Then the real need is to find a piece of  sky swept by the wind to take back your path.

This has meant to me Fuerteventura! It ‘been my refuge and my home for seven winters, was the place where rethinking with clear mind to what was changing around me and within me. A solar windswept island, with an energy that volcanoes catalyze doing a pole of connection with nature.
These images are intended as a tribute to this dry cliffs hit by the ocean, and winter swells and shines forth in all its power, making us feel  grains of sand in his sight.

Andrea Fazzolari