Casa Maccaroni has been to biarritz to join the Roxy Pro 2013, the swell didn’t show up to give us the right conditions to surf and make the contest but i had the chance anyway to have some fun and chat with these great surfers and amazing girls!
Sally Fitzgibbons, she’s a great australian beauty and she rips better than you guys! Kelia Moniz, the Queen of Queens, Waikiki, toes on nose in more than four steps ….that is style!
Justin Mauvin the longboarder from Reunion, musician and surfer, she opened the Roxy Live concert on the beach, we had so much fun for a big party on the beach dancing till morning lights!
And even if the contest didn’t happened, here some pics of girls having fun to the “Wave Garden” opened just for them….. Check some real surf on an unreal wave.
This is ripping!
Betta Dal Bello
Pictures by Betta Dal Bello
Action pictures courtesy by Roxy

Justin Mauvin
Kelia Moniz
Sally Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons
Stephanie Gilmore
Party wave

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