One of the several fields in which MPA studio is active is certainly the sport field. Passion towards sport, especially towards surf and surf philosophy, has led Prof. Samuele Alessi in establishing a partnership project with several facilities which foster this fascinating activity.

Since few years now, MPA studio professional staff is available for prevention and recovery from injuries of surfhouses’ guests all over Europe.

Prevention consists of a short customized program which take place just before the surf session and allows the athlete to reach the best physical condition before the actual water session. Balance practice, stretching exercises and short competitive games will lead the surfers, the beginners as well as the pros, to the best physical condition possible to face the water session.

Recovery from injuries is the other basic element of the partnership. Surfing is a physically challenging activity and the guests may not be prepared, if the body is not used to these kind of stress, it may react with muscle contractures and inflammatory state, not to mention contusions that often occur during surfing.

Through osteopathy and/or massage therapy, we help the guest to make the best out of his/her stay, allowing his/her body to recover as fast as possibile and making him/her ready to go back to the waves the following morning.


We wish to mention three of the several partnerships we have because of the excellent relationship with the house-owner:

  • Casa Maccaroni.Surf house in the Canaries(Lajares, FUERTEVENTURA).

Beautiful rural house, it has been renovated maintaining style and main features of the surrounding area. Enrico Gorrea, the owner, has been able to create a quiet and private indoor environment and outdoor premises which include a nice skateboard half pipe and make easy getting together with the other guest. The kitchen and the outdoor dinner table are perfect for a pleasant night with local people. Also the Italian restaurant in the main square worths a mention.

  • TFR Hoosegor. Surf house on the Atlantic French coast (Hossegor, France)

A villa surrounded by the green hills of Hossegor, few steps away from the beaches where in October the best surfers in the world face each other during the World Championships. Luca Bonamico, the owner, together with the staff, offers about thirty beds and wide common areas surrounded by the forest making a very evocative atmosphere. Banana is the supervisor of the surf lessons, his Tuscan accent blends with les lesions of the French and the sound of beer glasses cheering to the wave of the day.

  • Lighthouse. Surfhouse with swimming pool (Hossegor, France)

The house has a swimming pool and is located in a quiet neighborhood of Hossegor, it is managed by a team made of four: Gabriele Cristini, Giulio Cristini, Elisabetta Siano e Niccolò Clara, they have just started this adventure and their passion and enthusiasm are overflowing. The urge to surf together with the saturday night fever (even if it’s Monday!) make the house lively at every time of the day and night. Highly recommended to the ones who are always on the move.

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