The island skate scene by Dominyka Sūdžiutė

“Skateboarding scene in the small city like Corralejo can get quite boring sometimes if you’re used to skate just skateparks. This is where your creation comes, you start to see a city in a different way, search for new spots to skate, a bench becomes a grind box,  street – manual pad and even a wall becomes suitable for skating. You go explore more and find an abandoned water park which becomes your new playground. In this way you start to appreciate more diy spots, amazing people create it for expanding skate scene in the island and making it more fun for you, like the miniramp in Casamaccaroni or the bowl in Boardfarm. Because of skateboardig you meet crazy amazing people and you share your experiences together!”


Oreon skating the Casa Maccaroni miniramp
Skaters at Bowl lajares
Ramena skate at bowllajares
girls skateboarding in fuerteventura

bbq at the beach
night of party at the beach
wallride in fuerteventura
skateboarding at Casa Maccaroni Fuerteventura
Party and session at Casa Maccaroni Fuerteventura skate and friends
Glenn skateboarding in an amazing sunset light
Oreon indy grab - skateboarding fuerteventura Casa Maccaroni miniramp
Dominyka skate in the pink light at Casa Maccaroni Fuerteventura miniramp