Vans Us Open of Surfing is one of the most massive worldwide event of the season.
Casa Maccaroni featuring Iuter Clan were there with our best reporters to take the best highlights.
Here our point of view from Huntigton Beach.
 The reporters, it’s an hard job but someone has to do it.
Big dust and free hugs aka il polverone.
 The pier.
 Joel Tudor duct tape invitational. 
 Alex Knost one foot riding.
 More Alex Knost.
 California love.
 Where is my fucking board?! photo contest.
 M’han detto che non c’era nessuno….
 Te ne tiro uno.
 Hey man, you can’t take this stuff out from the Duke!”
 California dudes.
 Italian Grandpa.
 Ci sembra abbia vinto lui…
 While you can’t find your car in the parking lot, shoot some arty stuff.
Bye, Bye Huntigton.